When you learn statistics and looking to apply the concepts on some real world data to find out fascinating insights, the first thing that comes to the mind of a cricket fan like me is Sachin and his career performance.

I started looking at Sachin’s batting performance in ODI and Tests. There are few questions that came to my mind are

The best way to get a clear insight is to visually plot and interpret the results. For this analysis, I have taken the data from cricinfo site, which provides complete data about all cricketers.

First, we will look at Test Cricket Career of Sachin.

How has he performed against test playing opponents vs. non test playing nations?

Test Playing Nations Vs. Non Test Playing Nations

The plots shows he has equally played well against both test and not test playing countries, with slightly better performance against test non playing counties. This is expected.

How has he played against Various opponents?

Against Various Opponents

Any significant insight? Most of his performances against top opponents like Australia, England, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and West Indies are above the median. This can be understood as the stretch of 3rd quartiles for the boxplots for those countries are longer than first and second quartiles. And the outliers ( exceptional innings )  are shown by the dots. And those 4 big innings (more than 200) have come against Australia, New Zealand and Others(Bangladesh).

How has he performed in home grounds vs. overseas grounds?



From the plot, there is no significant differences between his performances at home and overseas. Both the distributions look almost similar. One insight is that his best innings has come from overseas.

Sachin’s performance vis-a-vis Lara and Ponting

How overall performance of Sachin is in comparison withBrian Lara and Ricky Ponting? Only thought of comparing with these two players as they are contemporaries of Sachin and highly regarded as great batsmen of that era. And it makes sense to compare with these players as the external factors can be safely assumed to be almost same for all three.


From the plots, it can be seen that Lara and Sachin’s performances are almost similar, if the exceptional innings are not taken into account. And Ricky Ponting’s median performance is slightly below the other two.

But what is significant from this plot is Lara’s exceptional innings (outliers). They stand out against Sachin’s and Ponting’s. His innings of 375 and 400 are exceptionally exceptional (far outliers). No doubt, he is the best test batsman of our times and definitely slightly ahead of Sachin.

How all of them have played against different countries?


Do we see anything interesting here? Well, against australia, Sachin’s median performance is slightly above Lara’s. But Lara had more brilliant innings against them compared to Sachin’s. Ponting played well againt Pakistan compared to the other two. Sachin and Lara are better against England compared to Ponting. Lara’s performance against New Zeland, South Africa and Sri lanka is better than Sachin and Ponting’s . But did you see one good observation that Lara was not so good against India compared to his other opponents.

But I must confess that I am a big fan of Sachin and great admirer of Lara.

That’s all from me now. Will look at their ODI performanes later in another blog.